SOOK Paris & Marrakech mon amour Concept Store Marrakech

A love story with a city, a crush on a country... We let go of everything and realized our dream.


Birth of Sook Paris.

It was after a stay in Marrakech 6 years ago that the idea of importing embroidered baskets into France took shape. But why limit yourself to baskets, when you discover the beauty, diversity and incredible quality of Moroccan craftsmanship? A few weeks later, it was crockery, blankets and stools that transformed our Parisian apartment into a veritable souk. A 1st sale supported by our entourage later and Sook Paris was officially born. Then in 2019, all it took was one evening for us to make the best decision of our lives: go and live in Marrakech with the family to develop our business, get closer to our craftsmen and finally live our dream.


The opening.

4 months after our installation, we find the ideal location. A few works and cold sweats later, we opened the Sook Paris store in December 2019. It was without counting on a “little virus” which forced us to close the doors a few weeks later...leaving us despite all the time to reflect on the evolution of our adventure. A new turning point is taken: we decide to anchor our brand even more in this city and this country which have welcomed us so well, by creating a line of clothing and accessories whose production would be local.


The place of spices.

Between two border openings and closings, we have the opportunity to open a second store and therefore create a new brand: “Marrakech mon amour“. Located on the Place des épices in the souks, this new place means a lot to us, it's here that it all started with the 1st embroidery of baskets. A few years later, the loop is therefore complete.


Happy !

Today we do not regret for a moment our choice to have left everything to pursue our dreams, to discover new horizons, a new culture, to undertake, to meet new people, to discover a rich local craft with which to create. Both professionally and personally, we look forward to continuing to share our Marrakchis adventure with you...