Panier Clovis - Sook Paris
Panier Clovis - Sook Paris
Panier Clovis - Sook Paris
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Basket Clovis

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Your pussycats also have the right to their embroidered baskets

Basket child in palm livened up with a small straw handle to be customised according to your desires.

So that your daughter, niece, goddaughter, could make just as a big.

Or even to you to go for a walk without being too much loaded.

 You can make embroider the text of your choice.

Hand-embroidered in desired colour and livened up with two round bobbles of different colours or of two chouchas of different colours.

  • Dimensions: about 29 cm high by 46 cm broad
  • Delay of manufacture: 20 DAYS

For personalization, to contact us by mail in